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2003 Issue 3

Michael Oliver






A Word in Your Ear
Michael Oliver

The language we use can either help us or hurt us! Some time ago a Buddhist monk explained, “Our words are a vibration of our thoughts.” Isn’t that interesting?

Watch your thoughts…
They become your words.

Watch your words…
They become your actions.

Watch your actions…
They become your habits.

Watch your habits…
They become your character.

Watch your character…
It becomes your destiny.

Let’s look at how some words we use in selling can work against us – words like ‘prospecting,’ ‘closing,’ ‘objection handling,’ and ‘pitching.’ Isn’t there a mixed message when we use words like these… and then go on to talk about the purpose of our business being to help other people solve their problems and realize their true needs?

On one hand, we’re saying to people “I’m all about helping you get what you want,” and on the other hand, our subsequent words and actions don’t vibrate the same message! We’re really trying to get what WE want! Do you think people pick up on this? Of course they do!

Take the word ‘prospects’, for example. Would you like to be called a prospect? I doubt it! The thought and use of the word “prospect’ implies that the other person is little more than a unit of production in your whole scheme of things!

There is a saying that states, “When you brand someone or categorize them, you take away their identity.” I believe it’s the same for most of us. Your subsequent action – whether it is subtle or not – will relay this message to the person you’re talking with!

So how about using the word “people” instead of “prospect”? For instance,

rather than saying, “I’m going out prospecting,” try stating “I’m going out to talk with some people!” Doesn’t that sound and feel better already?

Read below what other distributors are saying about “Enriching Conversations”:

I loved the class and have started putting it into action already. I can see that it really works! (I had my doubts until I tried it.)”
- Liz Allen

“I want to earn trust in those I talk to by asking the right questions that convey my sincere interest in their individual concerns. I want to be able to get others to comfortably talk about themselves with me, so then they will trust in me enough to want to ask me what I have to offer. Terrific session, Michael!”
-Thanks, Sue Wernet

“Hi, I was on the free one-hour introductory teleconferencing class and would like to register for the October 12 th class. Michael is very inspiring. My name is Carolyn Jopko. Thank you.”

“I have bought a lot of things to help my business, and this (Enriching Conversations) has truly been the best! It really does take the pressure off you to have to sell, so I wanted to thank Shirley and VIP for giving me just another excellent way to improve myself and my business.
- Jonelle Sharp

“M name is Carle Picard, I’m a VIP member, and I listened in on tonight’s call. I was extremely impressed and would very much like to do the “Enriching Conversations” class. I will take it regardless of cost because it was great and I’ve already seen quite a few things differently…so the actual methodology must be extremely exciting! Looking forward to participating again. Awesome!”

“The Enriching Conversations were worth every penny! Thanks for high quality classes.”
- Irene Doniger

“Dear VIP,

I was just on the introductory call with Michael Oliver and it was fabulous! I want to sign up, so please register me for the next class. Thank you for all your help today.”
- Bobbi Greenstreet

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